Buğday Borsası

About Us

The SupersoN Building Materials Production, Nutrition, Agriculture, Breeding, Industry and Trade Inc., which founded in 1986, had a new enterprise to agricultural sector in 2009. It executes the buying of the top line wheat in its grain storage facility, located in 67 km. outside of Ankara, the Polatlı area, and submits for flour producers’ demands.

Ankara’s Polatlı Area, has Turkey’s biggest Trade Stock Market. Every year, 500-550 thousand tons of wheat trade occurs in this market. The finest wheat agriculture for bread which is Anatolian Red Crabbed Wheat, is also intensifies in this area. It is also remains as the heart of the flour making sector by sending almost every each flour production facilities across Turkey.

Here is SupersoN who facilitated its modern storage in this heart, and classifies wheat according to their protein ingredients and embowers them in its computerized climate-controlled silos, and sends them in request. The Facility, which has 4 units of 1000 tons of silos, a weighbridge that can serve TIR sizes and a load-unload lift; can increase its capacity to 40-50 thousand tons with continuous purchase and sale. It has planned to increase the stable capacity of the facility which is formed in 26.000m2 area, to 20.000 tons within next 10 years. Hereby, rotary capacity can reach to 80-100 thousand tons. However, in certain circumstances, we can rent Soil Products Office’s silos which are one of the official State organizations, to reach higher capacities.